Tuesday, February 23, 2010

:::::Oh Wow!:::::

mood | sleepy, and look! I'm wearing my srs face!
music of the moment | Kung Fu Song LOL
eating | spicy Tuna
drinking | c2
watching | The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
playing | The Legend of Zelda
warning | Totally Random

Oh wow! Look at me, still blogging lol!

Well anyway, I don't have much time to post meticulously, so I'll just go over everything while I can lol.

So yeah, thesis first draft! I'm finally done. Well actually, I finished that one two days ago but I drained myself so I ended up as a puddle of goo. My cactus, Thesis, bloomed as well, first few days of summer, I'm very happy that Thesis bloomed. He gave out pretty little pink flowers, it was beautiful. I guess as he bloomed, my thesis did as well. After my thesis is done with all the needed judging, proofreading and all that jazz - and finally hard bound into a book, I will name him "Victory" :]

Oookay. So what else.

Ah yes, I ordered a dress online. I thought it was pretty dandy that I found a dress I liked online. Would've posted pictures but the site took the photo down after I purchased the dress. Turns out, it was one piece per design, I guess I got lucky with that one.

Uh what else, what else. Ah yes, ebay! I was watching this one item for some time now and I don't know whether or not I should go and buy it. I dunno, it's just that, I think I'm spending money on something I really don't need. Still, I want it. Lol.

Uh, cosplay.

Yeah, I might go to TAGCOM, and maybe even join the individual cosplay contest. I'll just play it by ear. And oh yeah, I'm still working on orders haha but at least I got to finish this one.

Jeremiah Gottwald Orange Mask

Orange's Mask from Code Geass!
haha, man I love this guy!
He's my favorite character in Code Geass,
so loyal lol.

Okay... so yeah. I guess I have nothing else to say? lol.


memories embedded in silence, 4:37 AM.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

:::::Happy Valentine's Day!:::::

mood | sleepy, but still too ecstatic
music of the moment | that Aaron Carter song
eating | chocolates
drinking | coffee
watching | Minami-ke
playing | with pictures
warning | long post is loooong, also picture overload!

I spent my Valentine's Day with my friends, East, West and Chi whom I will now lovingly call South, since naturally - I want to be North. Anywaaay XD that was totally unrelated!

We agreed to spend the day singing our lungs out and we intended to meet by 1pm. Well at least, that was the plan XD a few days later, I totally forgot about it and thought the meet up was actually 2pm since we made reservations for 3pm... so...lol. Needless to say, I have bad memory, I should've written that one down. But then, I remembered, thanks to East, so I prepared earlier. Then, lol, my sister made plans, along with my Dad. Things got more complicated and I was running late. Thankfully I still got there on time.

Anyway, here, I took a photo of myself before leaving the house.

As usual, black vest, black pants, chunky necklace - the dangling earrings are, well, muffled by the mass of hair haha.

It only took us a 15-minute drive, in such a short time, we found ourselves in front of TriNoMa. Then the real mark of Valentine's Day hits me. LOL parking problems.

hm... sure does feel like a holiday now with the obligatory traffic lololol

Okay so after that we met up in front of the videoke hub. We went to confirm our reservation, then bought some snacks (which we didn't eat 8D). Some minutes later we went back to the videoke lounge and went into the room.

So drinks, yeah. Well. I don't drink. I've sworn I will never drink so...

cali shandy
rawr Cali! hahaha!

Soon after, the ear torture singing began 8D

My playlist will not be complete without a song by Rico Blanco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Lady Gaga hahaha
Toss in an occasional Slipknot and Slapshock... I can't scream so... hahaha

Chi came in late, since she's an insomniac like me haha. She came in some minutes later. And lookie here what she got me *u*

chocolate,chocolate heart,heart,valentine's day
I absolutely love this!
Anything with butterflies is great, now combined with chocolates?
Absolutely wonderful! XD
The only problem now is how the hell am I going to top this come White Day and it's my turn to make her some D:

She also made some for East and West, looks like delicious taiyaki XD

chocolate,taiyaki,fish,chocolate fish,chocolate animals
delicious fishies, we must eat :9

So what comes next? Camwhoring session 8D Making memories together 8D

West makes the "Yaranaika face" but ends up being adorable still

Trying to smile properly.

celestine,megamiyume,lelouch hands
My obligatory ghei ass Geass' Lelouch Hand Gesture

Oh, by the way, look at this
black heart
My little black heart.
Fits the Valentine's mood, no?

This is what I gave them :3
Black and red for me and Chi.
West gets the baby blue one.
...and East gets the pink one XD

I like paired items, that's no secret.
So when I saw these paired Utena-esque Utena fantard spotted key chains,
I instantly bought them XD

cool drinks
Thirsty? Have some lemonade...
And the other one is orange soda XD

This is what we had for dinner.
A monstrous plate that spells heart attack.
Guaranteed to clog your arteries before you can say "Hoopla!"

Soon after, when the clock hit 7pm, we took our leave. We took a little break and watched a ballet show, cool really. Then my sister texted me and told me to buy Mom's Valentine's day flowers (task assigned to her) and she'd buy Dad's Valentine's day gift (task assigned to me). And that I did. On an interesting note, my sister had been talking about flowers for Valentine's day and kinda hinted that she wanted a corsage this year. I told her boyfriend about it, thinking that he'd find one. Unfortunately, he thought corsages were only for guys - specifically worn on their breast pockets. So he bought my sister a bouquet of blue roses instead, lol.

Not much later, my sister called me and said we'd meet up by 7:30pm.

As expected, we had our last photo in the girl's rest room hahaha.

All three of us
in our boyband glory XD

Finally we went home. So here I am blogging XD

Oh, before I forget, also got this from East:

totally love this chocolate :9

and also, this one.
a mug - this one comes in pairs
Another gift from Chi :3
it's the Gentleman and Princess pair
Naturally, I got the blue one,
and Chi kept the pink one XD
because pink... and me is just... lol.

okay, I stand corrected since apparently, both mugs were blue XD
Chi supplied the proper label to this one...
it goes:

"Naturally, I got the Gentleman,
and Chi kept the Princess XD
because Princess... and me is just... lol I'M A KING!"

Surely was a great day! Such a nice breather from work and school!


memories embedded in silence, 11:24 PM.


where are your bangs?!

By Blogger Kana, at 9:52 PM  

whoa kana you're in blogspot! XD

parted to side LOL

By Blogger Celestine, at 12:11 AM  

i'm actually still in LJ...i can sign in to blogspot via google accounts...xD

By Blogger Kana, at 9:39 PM  

oh okay!

i see, i see XD thought you had a blog here too

By Blogger Celestine, at 4:55 AM  

whee 83

By Blogger sayou, at 2:02 AM  

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:::::Yes! Fourth Post!:::::

mood | sleepy, but have some FlynnYuri fluff LOL
music of the moment | A Little Pain - Olivia Lufkin (Serizawa Reira)
eating | none
drinking | coffee
watching | Minami-ke
playing | pictures

Do you know what day it is? Well, it's Valentine's Day!

Actually, it's Chinese New Year too, but I'm not Chinese so...

Anyway, since I had nothing better to do, I took pictures of my new wig.

So I guess, this qualifies as a Valentine's Day card, no?


It reads:
"I'm sure my heart is tugging on the string that binds us,
so that the me back then will open her eyes...
I'm here, waiting for you."

Nice, no?


memories embedded in silence, 2:57 AM.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

:::::Whoa, Third Post!:::::

mood | content, and yaycake
music of the moment | In My Heart - Technika OST
eating | candy
drinking | water
watching | - - -
playing | the keyboard

I've been changing my blog layout since last night and I think I like this one best. It's light, and has Yuri Lowell Kanda in it so... LOL. (lol i changed it again.)

Anyway, we celebrated our Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary. Yay,right? Well it happens thrice a year haha. That's because my Mom and Dad got married three times. The first time, they went Romeo and Juliet and married in secret LOL. So yeah, they married three times, then last year, they got married again for their 25th anniversary haha. So there, for their anniversary, mom cooked some nice dinner with my Dad's favorite dishes. Then, my sister and I went home with some cake. (Only because we're a family that loves cake and finds every excuse just to eat one XD)


Want some cake? :9


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memories embedded in silence, 8:54 PM.


delicious cake! XD

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:40 PM  

must eat! :9

By Blogger Celestine, at 11:15 PM  

lol XD we just had cake earlier too, we went to bo's coffeshop for some coffee and cheesecake :3 yummy cake XDDD

By Blogger yuu, at 1:47 AM  

I saw this delish looking cake in Sucree, we must try it, absolutely! D:<

By Blogger Celestine, at 12:43 AM  

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:::::Ooh, Second Post?!:::::

mood | going nuts!
music of the moment | Yugto - Sir Rico Blanco
eating | - - -
drinking | C2 Apple
watching | time fly
playing | with my sanity

Blogging sure is hard work, no?

Surely, today marks a day of great labor and hard work.
Am not referring to this blog alone, of course.

So this is my second post on this blog, I hope that I'd be able to maintain this.
The layout is still pretty wonky but I'm generally happy with it.

I guess I'll call it a day now since it's already 6:12 in the morning and I haven't slept, lol.

I hope my third post would make more sense, yah~


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memories embedded in silence, 6:10 AM.


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:::::First Post, yeah?:::::

mood |giddy!
music of the moment |A Little Pain - Olivia Lufkin
eating |Mom's Menudo XD
drinking |Dad's Coffee... hahaha!
watching |my puppy Tiara sneeze
playing |with the keyboard

Oh lookie here, my new blog!
Finally, I've made one I'd try to take seriously...
aww, I gotta keep this promise somehow!

Well, here's to hoping I'd manage and be able to maintain this one!



memories embedded in silence, 5:00 AM.


woot new blog!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:57 PM  

yeah! XD

By Blogger Celestine, at 11:15 PM  

Congrats on the blog XD

By Anonymous West :3, at 2:35 AM  

thanks west! xD

By Blogger Celestine, at 4:58 AM  

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